Hi :)

As my url says , I travel through Kdramas. 🙂 🙂  It had been a dream to travel coz I have been spending all my days for the past 10 years in working, then going home and watching in the four corners of my tv or laptop. Saying that ‘I love Kdramas’ is an understatement because Kdramas actually led my life and my dreams. It made me discover what I really want. Although I already had an idea of what I want to become ever since I was young but it was vague. So when I discovered the beauty of Kdramas in 2006, it had been the path to reach my life goals. 🙂

I am a bit of a lazy person so most of my posts would probably be just pictures , videos and short captions. Please bear with me.^^ I actually just usually sort on posting in instagram but I kind of think it is a waste to delete my photos & videos after one or two ig posts, so yeah, I started this blog to share to all kdrama fans like me my adventures on visiting the Kdrama locations. I am not also good with writing detailed instructions nor directions, so I will just post the name of the places.

My name is jean and I do #jeansparodies, my own parody of the kdrama scenes in the exact filming sites. hahaha

My blog is dedicated to all kdrama lovers who feel that their lives revolve on the screen, subtitles and sns updates,…. You can be a spontaneous traveler too and you will love exploring the places where your oppas & girl biases filmed your favorite Korean dramas. ^_^




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