The Jeju Vibe

The Jeju vibe is unexplainable unless you see & feel it firsthand. But pictures can also be of help on showcasing what Jeju vibe is. Three days and 2 nights, that is the duration of the tour that we had in Jeju. And I’m gonna be the travel story-teller in the next paragraphs, so bear with me & hope you enjoy!.haha

Feeling excited at the gimpo airport subway station, while I walk in the escalator, a familiar blue jacket caught my attention. “Oh yeah!”, I exclaimed. It is the WowKorea jacket…so I rushed, tap the girl’s back. She was wearing a hijab so I am not mistaken, we toured together before, but….but…she was in a different group so actually….ahmmm…hmmm…hahahha..I don’t remember her name.LOL. πŸ˜‚πŸ™

We walked together, I excitedly told her how I got lost on how to get to the right exit. I was smiling ear to ear while she also said that she’s worried her luggage would be heavy. Oh too, I wore a backpack over my girly dress not because I am a ” backpacker/ backpack traveler” but because I know I will exceed if I bring my luggage. Ironically everyone brought luggages and when I think about it, I was just one of the few who brought it in our previous trip so I got shy & didn’t do so in the 2nd While our conversations go on, at the back of my mind..I am trying to figure out what was her name.hahaπŸ™ˆ

Then we met two other Wowkorea supporters and one called her by her name, my face just brightened up in too much joy after I knew finally what was her name. Yaz!!! Yaziii!!! Yazzz!..Days after, I found myself always beside her, she takes my photos, she supports me in my #jeansparodies and she would shout my name when I am out of sight. 😭😭😒😍

While in the plane, I got to sit with another familiar face, but again I don’t remember his name. He told me his name,but it was difficult to pronounce & a bit long.γ… γ… ..But what made me laugh was when he said “If you forget my name…(i thought he’s gonna say..”just call me ___ for short” but nope..he said..).. “just ask me again”😎😎 Wahahahha. Really funny guy, then he slept. Haha And because of that I got to memorize his name. LolπŸ˜ƒ

Ok, this is becoming long..anyway..haha..we landed in Jeju at around noon time with our stomach ready for the Jeju food..hahaha..And so with an excited stomach and anticipating eyes, we began our Jeju Trip Day 1! 😊

Day 1 : Being One with Nature

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Day 1, yeah the first day is just like your first love(lol), your heart is racing, your eyes wander, you get butterflies in your stomach. Speaking of stomach, my stomach is now so ready….so ready for the eating battle in Jeju.haha In the resto, an ahjumma with a food trolley passed by, me and my seatmates smiled but it just passed by..wahahaha. Then another one came and it was for our managers..haha..Finally..the 3rd trolley came and it was ours.Haha The Pork Noodles (Kogi Guksu) in Chamae Guksu Restaurant was so delicious. The broth was heavenly(am not kidding), and the pork was so soft and tasty. I am not a noodle-lover but I finished the pork noodles in no time. One of our managers brought another bowl to our table, I tried not to look at it to avoid temptation..and because I am seated next to a guy. I supressed myself and told him ‘go eat it, I’m full’ (biggest lie in the world.hahahah, I actually eat like a man.lmao).

After enjoying the noodles, we rode our bus to Aewol..and my heart & mind knows I am in for another ecstatic moment cuz we’re going to GD’s Monsant de Aewol Cafe.😍😍😍 But first, as we pass by the Bomnal cafe..I dragged a friend and told him to take a photo of me in an exact location. I was actually parodying Kang Sora on a scene in the kdrama, ‘Warm & Cozy’. The Bomnal cafe became so popular coz it was the filming location of most of the scenes in the said drama. Another friend whom I enjoy chatting about kpop is holding my arm as we brace ourselves as we walk in the rocky road to Monsant. The instagram-worthy mirror walls, the nice front view of the black rocks, the GDragon vibe of the paintings & decorations and the rustic art outside are just some of the ensemble of the Jeju vibe.

After spending a relaxing afternoon in the cafe, we headed to a mountain or a volcano perhaps. We trekked to the peak of the 519.3m-high Saebyeol Oreum. It was a fun trek, ofcourse some of us were like ‘this is so tiring”, “oh God, my legs”, ” when is this ending?”..But nahhhh, we we’re all cool with the short hike, we were just being girls pretending we are girly.hahaha. Actually, it was fulfilling especially the trek down coz the view and plants on the ground come out beautifully in pictures. It was like we were filming a ballad music video.

Every hike, come with great responsibilities (lol)…responsibility to fill our stomach again..hahaha…So we ate a sumptuous Bibimbap dinner in Chamsol Restaurant. And we ended the dinner with a bang!(with a bowl of makgeolli.haha)

We weren’t sure what awaits us in our first night’s accommodation but it was so nature-friendly. The resort is both a farm & pension, Jeju Yangtte Farm & Pension as they called it. It was dark(ofcourse coz it was night already,haha) but yeah, the appearance of the pension at night does not justify its true beauty. After our group meeting, we hit the sack to prepare our body for the next day’s adventures. πŸ˜‰(did we really sleep that early?haha,actually we took some sip of the Hallasan soju before we hit the sack.haha πŸ˜‚)

Check Out my Jeju Trip Day1 Vlog:

My video about Yangtte Pension & Farm^^


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Day 2 : Beach Therapy & Forest Healing

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Day 2, it’s like the ‘excited-but-calm-wants more adventures’ phase of the trip.haha After preparing for the day, I took a peep at the white curtain in the cute little wood cottage where we stayed, and I saw droplets of water. Water?..what? Oh please no! is raining. 😒😒😒 Why oh why?..but actually we checked the weather before and we knew it’s gonna rain, I just wanna react.hahahaha πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚lol

We went to the cafe where we had an American style of breakfast, with bread, jam, cereals and fruits. I liked it. Then luckily, the rain kind of stopped and we proceeded with the Sheep Farm / Animal-feeding experience. The sheep and the deer tickling my hand as they divulge into the food that I put in the hand felt weird for the first time. Then we got used to it. Feeding the animals is much much better than going to zoos where we watch animals as they somewhat do tricks.πŸ˜₯😒😒 I hate those cuz I know it took lots of pain for the animals for their trainings. The Animal Feeding is actually in my list of my best moments in Jeju. I just really liked it.

Then we proceeded to our own groups for the 2nd day. Our group tried the rental car service. As guns for soldiers, scissors for barbers, we loaded our trip with music.hahahha Nothing beats a happy and music-filled long drive. Boredom was not an option as I really enjoy these kind of adventures. Our dear manager who was patient with us, made sure that we were in good

First stop in our group tour was in Iho Tewoo Beach, the cutesy horse-shaped lighthouses were great in pictures. Snap a photo infront of it then proceed to the nearby Donsadon restaurant.haha. Okay, brace yourself with the Black Pork/Black Pig Meat cuz it is the kind of meat that is so delicious that the taste will haunt you for days.haha I can say that this restaurant is a must-visit in Jeju. And did I mention that Bigbang and lots of celebrities are also patrons of this resto?haha πŸ˜‚

After the unforgettable lunch, we went for kayaking. Kyahhhh!!!haha.. But the sea was shallow though, the transparent kayak/boat was awesome but the sea was shallow..the tide was so low that I can just use my hand to paddle.haha.. Probably if the tide was higher, we could have gone to other parts of the Woljeongri beach.

Appreciating the immaculate beauty of Woljeongri beach, we chose a cafe with a great view infront of it. The hallabong juice drink with real pulp was.. (ok let me use this word again.haha) Heavenly!.haha The beach gives out a calm breeze as the wind and the sun kiss our skin. A beach therapy as I describe it.

Healing….yup, healing…the words that our Manager uttered when he mentioned about Biljarim Forest. And that was our next stop. We kind of made fun of him..asking him where’s the healing part?..As we walk to the peaceful forest, we kept on saying..’are we healed?’..hahaha.. But yeah, healing is in the mind of the beholder.(Whut???!!!)ahhahaha..Being healed is in our own hearts & minds, if we want to be healed..we will be. So yeah, our Manager was correct, it was a place where you could probably feel a healing vibe once you let it in. 😊

After healing our minds, we needed to heal our hunger.hahaha. So we went to Jimin Restaurant to eat fish, the Braised Cutlassfish and the Grilled Mackerel are must-try. The sauce of the cutlassfish was (again..what??)yeppp! Heavenly!! hahahhahaha (sorry not

Then we found ourselves in our accommodation for the 2nd night. One word to describe the PLAYCE Camp Jeju,….’COOL’!.😎 I posted a video in my youtube channel to give justice to Playce Camp Jeju’s coolness.haha



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Day 3 : Adventure-filled Jeju

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Day 3, the ‘oh-no-the-trip-is-ending-I-wanna-make-the-most-of-it’ phase of the trip. haha. First up, we bid goodbye to the oh-so-cool accommodation that we had, the Playce Camp Jeju. Seongsan Ilchulbong was our first destination, I climbed eagerly with Yaz and we never felt really tired climbing because the stairs were convenient. We were climbing up to the peak of this volcano and we were excited to be the first ones, but when we got there, one of my friends already reached there without us noticing. He sneakily climbed ahead..haha…so cute little being. As I take pictures on the top, I saw a small head peeping… a cute baby who was with his parents proudly smile in the “Seongsang Ilchulbong” landmark. I looked at him and smiled …he smiled back and my heart bloomed like a flower with so much joy.haha

After going down from the peak, we went for lunch at Makdeok Ine, ofcourse I ate well (I never lose my appetite, I eat everything with a grateful heart,haha). Chorangmal Town, an activity area for horse-riding and kart racing was one of the highlights of our trip. Pit-a-pat, I am used to funny epic failures when I do unique activities, so I was doubtful that my horseback ride went smoothly. I didn’t get scared, I was the first one to ride and I had no one to follow but I did not panic. Hmmm..not the typical me. But lo and behold, the kart racing was an epic embarassment. hahaha Ofcourse,I am this, the clumsy and funny Jean. I got stuck in the grass just right when I started the engine. LMAO. And the worse thing was, I raised my hand so the personnel could help be on the right track, but it took minutes and I was panicking (that’s the typical me.yey!lol), so I stood up. We were actually told not to stand up while on the race.hahaha But yeah, when I was about to get the rhythm of the kart, my time was Back story is, I actually stopped practicing driving cuz I almost hit a dog while driving my mother’s motorcycle that I kind of had a trauma driving anything. Dogs are my babies, I can’t afford hurting them coz of my ‘pabo-ness’.hahaha I can only ride and be as fast as I can through a bicycle. I am so good at it.(hahahah).

Next stop: the beeeeaaacchhhh!!!Hamdeok Beach!!..It was a pretty nice beach and clean and instagram-worthy so we lost track of the time.haha Right after that, we ate an Abalone Rice dinner in Deokchang Samgyetang Restaurant and breath the Jeju air for the last time in the nearby seashore.

No broad vocabulary can ever describe what the Jeju vibe is. So get your luggage ready, try the places & activities that we had and experience that Jeju vibe firsthand. Enjoy!!! πŸ™‚

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BONUS: Here are the Food That We Tasted in Jeju and Everything is Mouth-Watering & Beyond Delicious πŸ™‚



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